About us

P o s i t i v e  (+)  i s   o u r   p h i l o s o p h y.

Our office emphasizes on the design and implementation of constructions, combining the individual needs of each client, creating spaces of high aesthetics and functionality.

The design principles we follow serve and respect human values and needs. We focus on the perceptions, personality and needs of our clients through the lens of our aesthetics, proposing fresh ideas that renew and improve the quality of life of our clients.

Each space we create has its own identity, portraying the unique character of our clients and/or their businesses, highlighting their profile and prestige.

Green and eco-friendly design combined with the use of natural materials are some of the key aspects of the projects that we undertake, promoting the integration of each construction with its natural surroundings. Through the fusion of technical knowledge, experience, creative imagination and positive mood, we synthesize ideas and solutions, respecting the unique character and special needs of each project.

The Positive + Architects team is comprised of architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, topographers and interior designers that have been active in the field of design and construction for more than a decade, specializing in the construction and renovation of business, commercial and residential projects, being able to implement projects swiftly, on the scheduled timeline and with the utmost quality.

Our office is based in the center of Athens with Aikaterini Efthimiou as the lead architect.

The innovative project: “Residential construction using containers in St. J. Rentis”, led Aikaterini Efthimiou at the “Greek International Women Awards” (GIWA), that took part in London in December 2017 and she was among the final 5 nominees in the category of “Arts&Design”.

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