Our office provides design services for almost every kind of construction project, along with consulting services related to both planning and implementation aspects.

During the design process, our office provides design alternatives to its clients, in the form of sketches, draft designs and basic 3D volume renderings.

The design services provided include the architectural design of private buildings (residential, business premises, hotels), restoration and reuse of buildings, gardening design, design and use of outdoor spaces and interior design. When necessary, structural and mechanical analyses are also performed by qualified and specialized civil and mechanical engineers of our office.

Our office also provides supervision services for each construction phase, ensuring that the implementation meets the design while managing and coordinating all of the raw material and personnel involved for the construction, solving any issues that may come up on the spot.

The whole construction process can also be undertaken by our office, utilizing our network of experienced sub-contractors along with our project management skills, in order to deliver the building ready for use, strictly following the time schedule promised.

The rational management of resources, respecting time constraints and the optimal use of economic potential are elements that lead to the delivery of high quality, on-time and low-cost implementation. This is also attributed to our team of experts which, on top of its experience in implementation, has full knowledge of the complex technical legislation and the modern quality standards.

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