The specific innovative project, led the CEO of the architectural firmPositive + Architects, Katerina Efthimiou, at the Greek International Women Awards (GIWA), that took part in London in December 2017 and she was among the final 5 nominees in the category of “Arts&Design”.

The innovative project: “Residential construction using containers in St. J. Rentis” is about the design of 6 flatlets (40 m2 each), composed by joined containers in order to achieve aesthetics, functionality and the demanded dimensions for the living space.

This project aspires to offer a solution for money-saving and sustainable housing during austerity years in Greece. Unlike a conventional construction, container residences will cost at least 40% cheaper, while the duration of construction is estimated at approximately 3 months. 

In this way, important funds are saved, while achieving a lighter environmental footprint. The containers are bought and re-used to achieve a) money-saving and b) recycling.

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